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We all get stuck now and then. It may be challenging to make a big decision, or to to understand the meaning of certain events in our lives. If we do not take time for ourselves to find perspective, we simply repeat old patterns.

Without guidance and support, we might experience:

What is a Tarot Reader?

 The Tarot is a deck of cards with a long history. These cards have helped us make sense of our lives and our experiences for over 600 years. Originally, the cards were used for entertainment and divination. Modern day tarot reading has evolved to be much more like the archetypal healing paths found in Jungian and Depth Psychology, Tarot is now a tool for growth and healing. 


What happens in a Tarot Reading?

A tarot reading is a personal and unique journey for you.  Tarot functions in multiple manners, it is a mirror for the self, an indicator of direction, a predictor of the outcome of a situation, an ally of the soul showing you things you may not see and confirming what you do see. Tarot helps you to empower yourself in life situations.

There are many levels to every reading, and I feel it important to be open to all those levels. I read intuitively, which means that the reading is a much deeper experience, going beyond the traditional meaning of any card, and using the card as a portal to information. I also regard the archetypal energy, reversals, elemental dignities, numerology, astrology, traditional meaning and other connections relating to each card in each reading.

Tarot Reading is a Tool for Self-Discovery

Tarot mirrors your internal state of being, defines current situations and possible future outcomes. Intuitive tarot helps you best meet whatever may come your way. You can clarifies intent and desire. You may discover obstacles and find plans of action to overcome those obstacles. Tarot opens connection to higher places, offers connection with higher guides. Is not a tool for prediction of absolutes, it predicts possibilities. Is not a substitution for any type of therapy.

What is the Origin of Tarot Reading?

Originally, in 15th Century Italy (possibly earlier) the decks were used for a game somewhat like bridge. The decks, like other playing decks, contained number cards 1-10 in four suits each with a page, a knight, and a queen and king, we call these the Minor Arcana or Pip cards. Tarot decks were different than regular playing decks and contained 22 extra cards, which we term the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana were picture cards with titles like, The Moon, The Sun, The Pope, The Wheel of Fortune, common archetypes in 15th Century Society. The art of using the deck for divination developed in both secret and social ways. Napoleon and Josephine made use of a cartomancer, card reader, and paintings from the subsequent centuries (16th / 17th) depict readings being given to heads of state and holy men of the catholic church. Tarot has never been mainstream but is has been and continues to be used by those we consider mainstream individuals. For alternate sources and more detailed information about the History of Tarot, visit the tarot history forum, or any of the many other online tarot resources!

A solitary tree on top of a hill, might represent the simplicity and guidance you get in a tarot reading with online tarot reader Andrea-Marie Stark.

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