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Connect with loved ones who have passed.

Losing Someone is One of the Hardest Things in Life

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It's an experience we cannot avoid. And while we do heal from loss, sometimes things get stuck. And without support we can often feel:

Feel Relief from Grief and Confusion

As a psychic medium, I know that when we lose those closest to us, we can often fall into periods of deep depression, sadness, anger, guilt and apathy. While it is normal for all of us to go through the many stages of grief, sometimes we can get stuck, and we need support. A Medium session with Andrea-Marie will help you reconnect with your loved one, and begin to move your into healing and recovery. 

Feel Relief from Grief and Confusion

Feel Peace and find closure on your journey of loss. Embrace a different connection with those who have passed on. Relax into your own ability to move on.

I work as an evidential medium. I connect to those who have passed on. You may have questions for those who have departed, or you may simply wish to hear what they have to say to you.

Communication with those who have passed is for healing. Most people find it an emotional and moving experience.

Your loved ones are the people we can communicate with because a connection exists through your love and your wish to hear from them. When a person crosses over, they do not take negative emotions or animosity with them.

This is why healing is possible even after someone dies.

Please know that connection to a specific loved one is usually possible, but no medium can guarantee this. The spirit world is in charge and it takes a great deal of energy for loved ones to come through. In addition, there are stages which a soul must go through. After physical death there is learning and growth. Mediumship sessions are generally done via phone or online platforms.



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