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"I'm always stuck. I can't seem to make the right decisions!"

We all get lost from time to time. We all find ourselves back in the same spot, the same problems, the same relationships. It can be so frustrating, and depressing. 

Eventually, without support, we can find ourselves feeling:

Your Intuitive Psychic Session

Feeling disconnected or stuck?  Unsure of which what to do?  Unclear about why things are happening or not happening? You are not meant to navigate life’s challenges on your own. Your soul path is not meant to be solitary. An Intuitive Psychic session can get you back on track.

In your Intuitive Psychic session I will work with guides and with tools like tarot to help you gain clarity and vision, answers and understanding. 

Find connection with your wiser self and guides. Lift feelings that are creating heaviness, find clarity and purpose. Know which path to take, listen to your soul’s voice. Heal from the past and step into the future with clarity. Make decisions from the wisdom of your soul. 

Come to your Intuitive Psychic session with questions or certain issues in your life, or just with a wish to hear guidance. A personal reading may empower you to change and find peace and direction in your life. 

Intuitive Psychic Andrea-Marie brings 25 years of soul work and study as a psychic intuitive, somatic counselor, shamanic and energy healer into your session. 

Individual, Couples and Small Private Group Sessions are available. Certain public events are available. All services are offered online or by phone.


A scene with flowers and mountain, the clarity you can obtain in a psychic intuitive reading with Andrea-Marie Stark

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