Animal Communicator

A Session with Animal Communicator Andrea-Marie Stark

Andrea-Marie Stark, Animal Communicator, knows your beloved pets and ranch/farm animals are on their own soulful pathways just as you are. The bond between animals and humans is profound and life altering, it is most definitely a soul bond.

There will be times when you need help understanding where animal is on their journey. You may need assistance in understanding your animal’s thoughts and needs.

Is there a change in your animal’s behavior? Is your pet or ranch animal coming closer to the end of their lifetime with you? Andrea-Marie will help you better understand you pet’s needs and issues. She will help you and your animal communicate with each other.

Animal communication is a form of psychic and intuitive work. Over the years Andrea-Marie has discovered that pets communicate in different ways, sometimes through images and feelings, and sometimes through words. An animal’s personality has much to do with how they communicate! Discover your pet’s inner life and soul journey. Many times an animal comes to us for a very particular reason. Just as you take care of your animals, they have support, wisdom and healing for you. Animal communication sessions are generally done via telephone or online platforms.

Online Animal Communication

Animal Communicator Andrea-Marie Stark serves clients in every corner of the globe with her online psychic business. Simply schedule your appointment today, and you will receive an easy to use link to connect with her via video conference.  


A cat looks up lovingly. We love our dear animals, and Los Angeles Animal Communicator Andrea-Marie Stark can help.

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